Apprentice Amy out after opera fail

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The curtain fell on a Cardinal Newman student’s chances with Lord Alan Sugar, after the failure of an opera-themed task in Thursday’s episode of Young Apprentice.

Amy Corrigan, 17, was fired by Lord Sugar when her team lost the task to buy ten unusual opera props for the best price.

The teenager quarrelled with fellow Lutonian David Odhiambo, and the pair both found themselves in the bottom three fighting to remain in the competition.

After being fired, Amy said: “This isn’t the end of my business dreams. It was a massive knock but if anything it’s going to have to make me stronger.”

The spat with Luton Sixth Form College student David overshadowed the episode, with Amy calling David “incredibly lazy” and “useless”, and David saying Amy was “constantly rude” and “a very short-tempered woman”.

Although he did not work well with Amy, former student council chairman David expressed a clear leadership strategy.

He said: “When you manage men you have to treat them like dogs and then they’ll know who their leader is. When managing women you have to flirt with them, you have to be kind, smile and show your softer side.”

David remains in the competition – see if he manages to avoid the boardroom this Thursday on BBC One.