Curtain Call: Curse Of Devil Doll makes circus a real horror story at The Grove

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There’s something incredibly creepy about ventriloquists’ dummies I’ve always thought, and The Circus Of Horrors’ latest production has only confirmed my fears.

The new stage show is coming to The Grove Theatre in Dunstable, and was created after real life events that occurred on the last tour, The Ventriloquist, on which a series of bizarre and near-fatal incidents happened.

Dr Haze, creator of The Circus of Horrors, said: “It all started with vehicles that were carrying the doll inexplicably blowing up. Then during a sequence on stage where the doll appeared to be brought to life, a sword-swallower accidentally swallowed a lit Neon tube. It ripped a 20mm hole in his oesophagus and he was in hospital for six weeks.”

The ‘curse of the devil doll’ as it became known, only got worse. One night a mini-bus carrying half the cast broke down in a remote area after almost veering off the road. The doll had been lying on the back seat but when the cast looked again the jolt had thrown the doll into a sitting position, and triggered a switch that lit his glowing red eyes. Very spooky.

The brave circus people have decided to share their terrifying experiences by writing a new show, The Curse Of The Devil Doll, and find out once and for all who the true puppet master is.

The new show also features circus favourites up to their old (and new) tricks; sword swallowers, demon dwarfs, hair-hanging beauties, an iron-jawed diva, voodoo acrobats, knife-throwers and sinister sisters aerialists.

You may have seen a rather unusual job advertisement in the News /Gazette a few weeks ago; the circus were searching for a genuine wolf girl or boy to join the production, so this will be a chance to see the new recruit.

On February 9 at The Grove. For tickets call the box office: Box Office: 01582 60 20 80 or book online: