Dark, deep and ‘freaky’ Phantom

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This is the big show of the season, the one we’ve all been waiting for – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Of The Opera.

It’s the longest running show in Broadway history, and has won 60 major theatre awards, but far from getting tired, the production coming to Milton Keynes Thatre is a new version from Cameron Mackintosh.

The show tells the story of the mysterious Phantom, who hides in the shadows beneath the magnificent Paris Opera House, ashamed of his physical appearance and feared by all.

He falls for the beautiful Chrstine Daaé, his talented young protégée who is played by actress Katie Hall.

Katie said: “During rehearsals we had some input into the characters and were able to put our own spin on the show. Christine is completely different [now], she is more gutsy. You get more of a sense of all the characters being real people, being 3D, and I like to think people can relate to them more.

“The show is darker, it goes deeper, and more into the freaky goings-on in the opera house.”

This is the third time Katie has played the part of Christine, and in fact it was her first job as an actress.

Katie said: “I’m a musical theatre fan who got lucky and is now I’m allowed to be in the shows. Especially for a soprano this is the top part and it’s always been my dream so I’m thankful to have had the chance.”

On tour Katie says the show has had a massive standing ovation every night, with audiences going “absolutely mental”.

At MK Theatre From Oct 24 - Nov 24. Call box office on 0844 871 7652 for tickets.