April 2, 1914, Luton News


In the run-up to, and during the four years of the First World War, we will be looking at how the Luton News covered the momentous events, week by week.

The working classes and higher education was the subject of an address by Mr Frank Goldstone, MP for Sunderland, at Luton Town Hall. He said the country needed to provide larger opportunities for the children of the workers who could then profit from the advantages obtained by further education in schools.

Smoking was to be prohibited at Caddington School managers evening meetings, while Slip End and Leagrave Infants schools had been closed for two weeks because of outbreaks of scarlet fever and mumps.

Young seaman Louis Bellowitz caused outrage on a train leaving from Bedford on Saturday. A court heard women were screaming and fainting when he was spotted hiding under a seat.

He was fined 10s 6d and seven days in prison for travelling without a ticket!

The funeral of former soldier Mr Thomas Martin, aged 84 of Westbourne Road, Luton, took place. Mr Martin, a veteran of the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny, had taken part in the battle at Balaclava in 1854.