April 30, 1914, Luton News

WW1 helmet
WW1 helmet

In the run-up to, and during the four years of the First World War, we will be looking at how the Luton News covered the momentous events, week by week.

It was a busy week for the territorial scheme in South Beds with a recruiting week planned for June.

Under a scheme run by the Home Office, Luton, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard will be the main areas in the south west of the county, with the aim to recruit up to 250 men.

Mr H R Waterston, general secretary of the South African Labour party, who had been deported from South Africa, addressed the Labour group in Luton.

He received three cheers after his speech.

Bricklayer’s labourer Walter Pinsey received compensation after a hand saw fell on his head and he received a “grievous industrial injury,” while working for builder Abraham Turner in Luton.

Luton County Court heard Mr Pinsey’s evesight had been affected and he received £30 compensation.

The Luton painters’ strike was called off after a week’s action when the men received an extra half penny to return to work next week. The result of the strike is the men will get the full penny a day extra they have been agitating for since last year. On Thursday the strikers held a meeting outside the Corn Exchange.