Queen Mary opened L&D Hospital 75 years ago

Luton’s first hospital of any note was the Bute Hospital, which opened in 1882.

Built on land in Dunstable Road, it was donated to the town by the Marquis of Bute.

Queen Mary opens L&D Hospital

Queen Mary opens L&D Hospital

It was enlarged in 1902, but as there was insufficient space for further expansion, ten acres of land in the countryside between Luton and Dunstable was bought from Electrolux and a hospital was built.

The Luton & Dunstable Hospital was opened by Queen Mary on February 14, 1939 and Ward One was named after her.

This slideshow of pictures from the Luton News archive shows the Queen performing the ceremony.

The hospital, which employs 3,400 staff, is holding events to celebrate its 75th anniversary this year.