Shop for the true meaning of Christmas

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Shoppers are encouraged to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas by visiting The Prayer Tree in The Mall Luton.

The Prayer Tree has been a popualar Christmas tradition in The Mall since 2008, and this year it comes from a partnership between Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy and St Mary’s Church.

A small dedication service will be taking place on December 2 at 12.30pm.

Michael Campbell, Town Centre Chaplain for Luton, said “The Prayer Tree is a beautiful way to express love, ask for help or give thanks this Christmas. It is also a fantastic way to bring people within the community together.”

Next to The Prayer Tree is a basket of decorations, each with a prayer attached and a space for a name.

Shoppers can select a bauble, dedicate it to someone and place it on the tree, and after Christmas the prayers are collected and offered in prayer at St Mary’s Church throughout January.