Talented Rep take on Bard’s big tragedy

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Dunstable Rep may perform in the Little Theatre, but there’s nothing small about their talent, and their latest production, Hamlet, is just about the biggest Shakespeare play anyone can take on.

The tragedy has been told in many performances over the years, but the Rep have put their own stamp on it, and “re-imagined” some aspects in their adaptation.

Director Anna Carter-Brown said: “There’s been a ten-year wait for the Rep to tackle one of Shakespeare’s plays. It seemed like the perfect time to revisit the complete works and the perfect opportunity to tackle what is, arguably, his best and definitely his most quoted play, Hamlet.

“Just recently, there have been so many extraordinary big-name Hamlets so it was important to find our own angle and our way of making this political thriller come to life. Be prepared for some surprises! It’s our brand new, self-adapted version which brings to the fore just how vital politics was in the Royal Courts of late 18th century Europe, with revolution and political master craftsmen running the world from behind the thrones.

“It’s a huge cast with a broad range of stage experience and it’s been challenging and fun to offer so many people the chance to share this wonderful language and create our huge Danish family. As the show opens, it will be fantastic to see it come to life but it’ll also be terribly sad to end this once in a lifetime chance.”

From Nov 23 - Dec 1.

For tickets call the box office: 07940 105864.