The Lewsey Farm Community Action group
The Lewsey Farm Community Action group

A pub closure in Lewsey Farm has caused an action group to step in and stay in the Tomlinson Avenue property, leaving the future of it’s existence in doubt.

The Roman Way, owned by Enterprise Inns, closed on Thursday, June 5, when the former landlord left the pub.

The Lewsey Farm Community Action group took the keys and moved in on Thursday morning.

Paul Taylor, leader of the group said: “This is the heart of the community, if you take this away, what is left for the estate. We will fight to keep this property and run it as a community pub.

“Luton Borough council should be in dialogue with Enterprise Inns to sort a deal so that we can purchase this.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “We are aware of the Lewsey Farm Community Action Group and that they are currently occupying the Roman Way Pub, which is being addressed by the leaseholders Enterprise Inns. Together with the police we are continuing to monitor the situation.”

Members of the public believe it should be run as a pub.

Kat Bull, 24: “It should be a family run pub with a play area.

“Since the group have taken over, everyone is hanging around there, it looks a mess, I think it’s despicable behaviour from the minority of the community.”

An Enterprise Inns spokesperson said: “We are keen to take possession of the pub so we can assess the condition of the property and carry out necessary repairs.

“We aim to recruit a new publican so that the pub can continue to trade in the heart of the Lewsey Farm community.”