Award-winning doc ‘was reject’

Dr Nicholas Herodotou
Dr Nicholas Herodotou

A doctor who went into medicine as a mature student after being a “reject” at school has received an award for his teaching.

Dr Nicholas Herodotou, 51, became the Luton & Dunstable Hospital’s first consultant in palliative medicine in 2009. His work also takes him out to see patients at Keech Hospice Care once a week.

But he says his career achievements belie his disastrous school days.

After failing his exams, he worked in a number of jobs, from nursing to working in his father’s restaurant.

Deciding at 21 that a career as a doctor was for him, he put himself through night school to re-take his A levels and went to St Andrews University aged 27.

And this week he was given a ‘Top Teacher’ award by students at University College London, one of the UK’s leading medical schools.

Working with Dr Herodotou at the L&D, students from the university learn about care for patients with terminal conditions such as incurable cancers, heart failure and motor neurone disease.

He said having a consultant-led palliative care service was a “gold standard” for a hospital.

“Influencing student doctors now means they will know much better how to symptom manage in the future,” he said.