Baby Abbie Grace arrives early

Baby Abbie Grace Adams
Baby Abbie Grace Adams

There were some heart-stopping moment for new mum Kellie Adams when her much-wanted daughter Abbie Grace arrived five weeks early on May 25.

Last year Kellie and her husband Lee went through the heartache of losing premature twins. Luke was stillborn and his brother Jamie lost his brave battle for life six months later.

The couple, of Telscombe Way, were delighted when Kellie discovered she was pregnant again.

But the former dental nurse admitted Abbie’s birth wasn’t plain sailing.

She said: “She went into the NICU ward for half an hour for tests and the staff there were really amazing.

“We had another scare when she was a day old – doctors thought she might have Downs Syndrome but thankfully the results were negative and she’s fine.”
Kellie and Abbie were in hospital for seven days because of a possible infection, jaundice and weight loss.

But they’ve been back at home for three weeks.
Kellie said: “She’s doing really well and she’s just gorgeous.”