Cigarette costs woman £435


A woman who dropped a cigarette butt from the window of her car was fined £435 by Luton Magistrates Court.

Caroline Turner of Abbey Drive in Luton admitted littering from her car after an environmental officer witnessed the incident in Brantwood Road in August last year.

She failed to pay the fixed penalty notice of £75, which would have been reduced to £50 if she had paid within ten days, and failed to attend court when the case was put before the Magistrates Court.

She was found guilty of littering in her absence on January 28 and sentenced to a £200 fine plus £220 court costs and a £15 surcharge.

Councillor Aslam Kham, the council’s tobacco free champion said: “All cars now have ash trays in them, so there is absolutely no excuse for littering Luton’s streets.

“Our message is clear, if you are caught littering, you will be prosecuted.”