Not enough romance in your life? Then have a go at rekindling it.

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Romance seems to be reserved for a single lonely day of the year: 14th February, leaving many couples struggling to keep their relationship exciting. To relight the fire in our hearts, strategically 6 months after Valentine’s Day, is Rekindle Romance Week! Everyone knows that juggling a relationship between work, finances and family life is hard but Rekindle Romance Week is all about recognising that they don’t have to be a Hollywood whirlwind to be romantic. Whether it’s taking a luxury holiday together or simply making the other a cuppa in the morning – who said romance was dead!?

Nevertheless, it’s not just for couples in a slump, it’s for those who may have let their love lives fall by the wayside. Many singles admit they often choose their careers over relationships and in doing so abandoning their love lives, begging the question: Is love really worth it?

Research shows that 75% of couples admit to eventually losing the spark all together after finding ‘the one’, and 16% confessing to losing it within the first few months! Don’t go blaming anyone just yet - this is (in most cases) perfectly normal. After all, Serotonin (the ‘love’ chemical) generally only lasts around two years, hence the term ‘Honeymoon Period’.


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