School’s friendly setting awarded

Sabah Ahme and Shagufta Anwar with the children and award

Sabah Ahme and Shagufta Anwar with the children and award

Chaul End Children’s Centre Nursery was presented with a Communication Friendly Setting award on Friday, June 27.

The award to the Dunstable road nursery was given because they create an environment that encourages and supports children in their efforts to communicate effectively.

The accolade was developed by the council’s special educational needs service, to encourage pre-schools and nurseries to consider how they interact with children and how the physical environment impacts on the children’s development and communication skills.

Shagufta Anwar, manager of the Nursery said: “How we talk to children makes a huge difference to their development. Teaching them how to become good communicators from a an early age, gives them a fantastic start in life as it helps them to learn, interact better with others and helps to develop positive relationships. I’m really proud of what my team have achieved.”

Staff at the centre were presented with a certificate, logo and £100 in vouchers by Tracy Spence, Senior Advisory Teacher, Prevention and Early Intervention Service.




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