Skipped meals help feed the neighbours

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The holy month of Ramadan is coming to end. A huge number of social activities especially charity and campaigns for social justice have been highlighted for the Muslim communities.

Inspired by their faith, a group of young people from the Islamic Home Tuition (IHT) undertook ‘Ramadan Feed Your Neighbours’, sharing their skipped meal to various faith communities. The activity reached out the different places of worship especially the Churches delivering food to the congregation.

In collaboration with the Fairtrade Luton group, the young people pushed towards a Fairtrade Ramadan with sales of nearly a ton of dates sold first time ever in Luton.

IHT is an organisation that strives to deliver the utmost high standard of Islamic Home Tutoring/Education. They run other projects such as Golden Arrow archery Club, Youth Camp series for Children that incorporate Islamic education and various adult courses.

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