Council cleans up property and takes action against landlord

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Luton borough council used its legal powers to improve the standards of a privately rented home, following a complaint from the tennant.

A housing officer inspected the Dordans road property and found a blocked toilet, broken boiler, inadequately maintained electrics and gas oven posing imminent risk and there were no child proof windows fitted on the first floor, despite five young children living in the house.

The tenants were moved to temporary accommodation until it was safe to return.

The council can enforce Emergency Remedial Action (ERA) by undertaking critical works to the home, £4000 was spent on improvements and will be charged to the landlord.

Pam Garraway, corporate director for housing and community living, said: “The council takes the condition of the private rented sector very seriously and we will not hesitate to take appropriate action against any landlord acting irresponsibly, especially in cases like this where the state of the property was so bad that the tenants were actually in danger.”