Former EDL boss goes back to jail

Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been recalled to prison after allegedly responding to a death threat on Twitter.

The 31 year-old - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - was sentenced to 18 months in January for mortgage fraud.

He was released in June under licence and was due to speak in a debate at Oxford University’s student union tomorrow.

But he was recalled to Bedford Prison on Monday after reportedly responding on Twitter to a message threatening him and his mother.

A statement on Robinson’s Facebook page accused police of trying to silence him because he was going to speak about ‘bribery and blackmail’ by officers.

Supporters said he has already been attacked by other inmates and they are now calling for him to be transferred to another prison.

A text reportedly sent by Robinson was added to his Facebook site.

It said: “I was going to speak this Thursday being filmed by documentary exposing police persecution and tactics for the past 5 years, including police bribery and blackmail exposing secretive police units who have attempted and failed to recruit me to work for them.

“Now police are at my house recalling me back to prison for my licence, reason given that I responded to a death threat targeting my family and home. All this to prevent me exposing the facts on Thursday at Oxford Union.”

On October 18 he tweeted: “I am being recalled to prison to prevent me exposing police at Oxford Union. They hope I’ll get killed in custody.”

Robinson’s lawyers said his recall was for a fixed term of 28 days. He co-founded the English Defence League in Luton in 2009 and left last year and now works with the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank.

The Ministry of Justice said: “Offenders on Home Detention Curfew must comply with the conditions of their curfew or release licence.

“If they fail to do so, they can be immediately recalled to custody.”

Bedfordshire police said: “If he has any issues with how Bedfordshire Police has handled his case then he should contact our Professional Standards Department and beyond that the IPCC with any concerns.”