Plan ahead for any emergency

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What would you do if a power cut, flooding or severe weather trapped you at home? A basic “emergency kit” will make your life easier and help you through the crisis by providing basics like fresh water, food, a way to communicate and to keep warm or cool.

“If local people are trapped in their homes by severe weather or an industrial accident like a chemical leak, or need to leave quickly because of flooding or a bomb threat the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum is responsible for co-ordinating support and relief,” explains the Forum’s Chairman, Chief Superintendent Mike Colbourne. “But it’s also useful if people have some supplies at home to help them cope.

“It’s quick and easy to create an emergency kit and store it in a waterproof box or bag somewhere to hand when you need it, or easy to move if you have to evacuate your home. Why not put it together now ahead of any crisis happening?”

You should include these items in your emergency kit:

> Bottled water

> Tin opener and non-perishable food

> Wind up radio

> Pocket torch (battery or wind up)and spare batteries

> Foil blanket and first aid kit

> Hand sanitizer, rubbish bags and plastic ties for personal hygiene

> Dust masks – to help filter contaminated air

> Warm clothes and a sleeping bag (1 per person)

> Mobile phone and charger

> Spare medication

> Insurance / important documents in a waterproof pouch

“Think about your family’s particular needs when creating your kit,” Chief Superintendent Colbourne adds, “and include any special medications taken by your family and enough food and water for everyone.”

See more BLLRF advice on: bit.ly/ZhYpqi and visit www.bllrf.org.uk today to discover how to protect your home and family this winter.




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