Warnings over hot weather vehicle crimes

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Motorists are warned not to leave valuables in their vehicles after Bedfordshire Police recorded over 100 incidents of theft from vehicles in Luton over the last month.

As the temperature has increased motorists have been leaving their car windows open in the heat giving offenders the opportunity to target vehicles parked in the street or on driveways.

The thieves have taken a variety of property left on view by owners of the vehicles including cash, sat navs, car stereo systems, tools, clothing and personal documentation.

Police are keen to remind all motorists within the town, to remain extra vigilant and to ensure they remove all valuable items from their vehicles.

Police Inspector Graham Bates, who leads the town’s Street Crime Team, said: “Officers will continue to crackdown on offenders who are known to be involved in vehicle crime but motorists can also help by making sure they remove all their property from their vehicles whenever they park up – day or night and make sure you do not leave your car insecure at any time.”