Crop circle amazes the world

Mysterious pentagon shape in field will be featured in DVD

Crop circle experts investigating a mysterious design which appeared in a farmer's field in Barton have likened it to the Pentagon building in Washington DC.

The intricate pattern is astounding enthusiasts across the world after it was posted on a website dedicated to the phenomenon.

And the men behind now intend to use footage from their visit to see the land at Barton Hill Farm in a new DVD being releasing early next year.

Stuart Dike, from the website, revealed it wasn't the first time a crop circle had been seen in the vicinity. He said: 'This area is now becoming notorious for crop circles, as a number have appeared over the years in this general area.

'Probably the last significant design was across from the A6 in 2003 and was a pentagram in design. This is a very similar design, however it is far more complex than its predecessor. Clearly whatever created this formation in Barton, the pentagram is an important part of the message being conveyed.'

Mr Dike said, in history, the pentagram was deemed to have mystical and magical properties and was used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia.

He said: 'Its creation was masterful in execution, as we can see from the images with regard to the outer crescents. The design within the crescents does have striking similarities to the Pentagon in Washington DC. There are still many mysteries to be solved from the complex meanings hidden within this annual phenomenon.'

Andy Fazekas, president of Luton Paranormal Society, said his group had investigated a number of crop circles over the years. He said: 'Barton has recently been the centre of UFO activity and it could be linked to the new crop circle. However it would appear the evidence is limited as no-one actually saw who made the crop circle.'

Despite this Andy felt it was more likely that the circle was man-made. He said: 'What we are aware of is that within Luton and the surrounding areas there are a number of people who believe that crop circles are an attempt by aliens trying to talk to us and our group would welcome anyone with an interest in crop circles to contact us further about this.

'The crop circles I have visited have been impressive but within the circle there is the effect of the crop having being trampled over or that a mini whirlwind is responsible.'

Alien visitors or man-made? What's your take on the Barton crop circle? Have you ever experience an unexplainable phenomenon? Click here to send us your views.