Dentist struck off register over misconduct


A Luton dentist has been struck off after receiving a raft of charges for misconduct.

Thomas Nyerges was summoned to a hearing by the General Dental Council (GDC) for charges relating to his time at the Luton Dental Practice, 12A King Street, Luton.

Mr Nyerges did not attend the hearing and he was not represented.

The charges he faced included failing to obtain consent, submitting a claim to the NHS for work that had been carried out on a private basis and failing to carry out an adequate examination.

Nyerges was also charged with failing to formulate a treatment plan.

The professional conduct committee ruled: “The range of clinical failings of themselves represented a serious falling short from acceptable standards.

“The issue of Mr Nyerges’ dishonest claims for remuneration from the NHS strikes at the heart of his professionalism and represents a fundamental departure from the behaviour expected of a dentist.”

Unless Mr Nyerges, who was immediately suspended, exercises his right of appeal, his name will be struck off the register within 28 days.

The GDC investigates allegations that a dental professional’s ability, behaviour or health means it is not suitable for them to continue working as a dental professional