Don't miss chance to have your say on Europe

Voters go to the polls on June 4

Do you think animals should have more of a voice in the European Parliament? Or perhaps you think there should be more religious representation at Brussels?

Everyone will have their chance to say who speaks on their behalf at European level when polling stations throw open their doors on Thursday, June 4.

Belgium may seem a long way away, and you may not even know the name of your current MEP, but the decisions made by the European Parliament affect the everyday lives of every EU citizen.

This year's European elections will be the biggest ever held, with 375 million people in 27 countries able to vote.

The job of MEPs is to represent people from their constituency as the laws are debated and voted upon.

Bedfordshire falls under the Eastern region, and a total of 92 candidates have been put forward for the seven seats available to represent the region.

At the last election, in 2004, three seats went to Conservative candidates, two to UKIP, one to Labour and one to the Liberal Democrats.

Electors have one vote which is cast for a party rather than an individual candidate. The number of seats is then split between the parties according to the proportion of the votes that they receive.

Candidates on each list are ranked in the order in which the seats are awarded.

The parties fielding candidates this year are Animals Count, the British National Party, the Christian Party, the Conservative Party, the English Democrats, Jury Team, the Liberal Democrats, No2EU: Yes To Democracy, Pro Democracy Libertas, the Socialist Labour Party, the Green Party, Labour, United Kingdom First, and UKIP. There is also one independent candidate, Peter Rigby.