Action plan for troubled nursery

L13-1473 Rothesay nursery on Rothesay Road, Luton

L13-1473 Rothesay nursery on Rothesay Road, Luton

A nursery school put in special measures in the summer is hoping for a better Ofsted report in the new year.

Rothesay Nursery School was rated inadequate by Ofsted across all areas in a follow-up inspection in November.

Luton Borough Council has developed an “action plan” to help the nursery improve.

Concerns include teaching standards, the anti-social and unruly behaviour of the pupils and health and safety.

An Ofsted inspector saw a child throw a rubber brick at a visitor and thrust a plastic sword at them, and saw children shouting loudly at chickens and chasing them in a meadow near the outdoor play area. Staff did not notice this bad behaviour quickly enough to react effectively.

Two-thirds of the 165 children at the nursery in Rothesay Road speak English as an additional language but teaching is not planned to help them so they often don’t understand.

An inspector asked one child “What colour is that?” and the child responded: “Burger”.

In the previous inspection this issue was raised and inspectors found it had not improved. Adults still do not talk to children in an appropriate way that promotes learning and encourages essential speaking and listening skills.

A council spokesperson said: “We have been focusing our energy on supporting the headteacher and her staff to ensure the school is able to achieve good standards in all areas.

“We are pleased to report that the headteacher and the staff have been working hard to improve standards and the behaviour of the children shows marked improvement.”

The Ofsted report said parents have confidence in the school and feel their children are happy and safe.

Headteacher Janet Brownjohn said: “Together with our governors we have been working closely with Luton Borough Council and a range of professionals to ensure the quality of provision at the school is improved. We are pleased with the rapid improvement since the last inspection and are looking forward to some good news next year.”

The next monitoring visit will be early next year.




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