Big tick for Luton’s schools

Ramridge Primary School have received a good Ofsted.

Ramridge Primary School have received a good Ofsted.


Schools in Luton and Central Beds were praised by Ofsted in a national report yesterday.

Compared to other schools in the East of England region, Luton primary and secondary schools are doing well.

Luton was rated fourth out of 11 local areas for percentage of pupils attending good or outstanding primary schools in the East of England, and Central Beds was rated second.

For secondary school students attending good or outstanding schools, Luton was second, while Central Beds slipped to 10th in the region.

The report said: “Luton does very well by its children and young people; the very large gap between the attainment of children in the town at the age of five and the national average is closed considerably by the time they are 16.”

However, the report said it is “alarming” that only Bedford and Central Beds occupy places in the top half of local authorities for the quality of primary schools.

Nationally, Luton is ranked 121st for percentage of children attending good or outstanding primary schools.

Eight of the region’s local authorities are in the bottom 20 per cent for the quality of primary schools and all bar one - Luton - compare very poorly with similar councils across the country in the provision of primary education.

The report acknowledged that there is “a great deal of variation in the affluence” of the region.

Hertfordshire is in the top five areas of the country for disposable income whereas Luton is near the bottom.

Cllr Waheed Akbar, Luton Borough Council portfolio holder with responsibility for children’s services, said: “This is a consequence of hard work by headteachers, teachers and governors working in partnership with each other and the council.

“We are pleased with the progress made particularly with closing the gap of pupils’ performance with the national average but we are never complacent. We are fully committed to raising standards and have identified education as a priority in the council’s prospectus. We are working closely with all parties concerned and doing everything we can to ensure that our improving trend continues.”




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