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Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross opened a mock crime scene lab at the University of Bedfordshire on Monday (December 2).

It will offer students hands-on experience of gathering evidence.

The author and TV personality described the facility as ‘pioneering.’

He said: “Forensic science has become very popular in British universities but a lot of it is theory based.

“This will make the course much more attractive and feel much more real.”

The flat in Luton town centre will now be the scene of hundreds of ‘crimes’ each week, following its transformation into the uni’s new scene of crime laboratory.

Forensic science students will be able to work in three areas – a dining room, living room and bedroom – set up as if they have been the location for a range of serious offences.

There will be cameras in each room for students to analyse their work or watch one of the mock crimes in action.

Vice chancellor Bill Rammell said the opening of the lab marked the university’s continuing desire to provide students with essential hands-on experience as they prepare for the working world.

He said: “This specialist laboratory immerses students within a scenario, providing them with the opportunity to tackle problems in a real-life situation and hopefully enabling them to find solutions to overcome them.

“This is an important skill which they would not gain in a normal laboratory practical or lecture.”

He added: “Such transferable skills are essential for a career in forensic science and will support our desire to keep employability levels at the University of Bedfordshire as one of the highest in the country.”




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