Expect a knock from the cops

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Residents will see police officers and cadets out and about in the Saints, Poets and Challney areas of Luton today (January 21).

The local policing teams and cadets will be joined by volunteers and members of Homewatch for the Operation Vision high impact day.

They will visit every property in the designated areas to speak to residents about preventing burglary.

Sgt Pauline Leng, organiser of Monday’s event, said: “Operation Vision is all about the police and residents working together against criminals and making it hard for them to commit crimes in our town.

“This crime reduction initiative works hand in hand with Operation Peak, the force’s initiative that directly targets burglars themselves and which has helped reduce burglary within the county by 12 per cent so far this year.

“There are still areas in the town that could do better in terms of taking up crime reduction advice and making it difficult for burglars to gain access to properties - these are the areas where the high impact days will continue to happen.

“This is also an excellent way of making contacting with local residents and listening to their concerns and giving them an opportunity to pass on any information about criminals in their area in a confidential and safe way.”

Residential streets that will be visited include Wordsworth Road, Jillifer Road, Browning Road, Poynters Road, Byron Road, Macaulay Road, Shelley Road, St Winifred’s Avenue, St Lawrence’s Avenue, St Catherine’s Avenue, St Margaret’s Avenue, St Monica’s Avenue, St Ethelbert Avenue, St Augustine Avenue, Solway Road south and north and Trent Road.