Factory worker trapped by ankles in machinery for 90 minutes

Casualty taken to Luton & Dunstable Hospital

Emergency services were called to Luton's remaining vehicle factory, after a nightshift worker got stuck in a machine yesterday morning (June 4).

A man working in the paint shop at GMM in Kimpton Road - formerly IBC Vehicles - became trapped by his ankles in a vehicle assembly track shortly after 5.30am.

Paramedics worked alongside firefighters for more than 90 minutes to rescue the man, who stayed fully conscious throughout.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: "The crews at the scene worked tremendously hard alongside the fire service for well over an hour to treat and stabilise the trapped casualty. It was a difficult and delicate incident to deal with and everyone involved did a great job."

The casualty was taken to Luton & Dunstable Hospital.

His injuries were not life-threatening.