Fantastic fireworks launch for Hollywood blockbuster

Expendables 3 firework logo
Expendables 3 firework logo

Firework expert Tom Clark has helped put on spectacular shows all over the world, so he’s certainly not expendable.

Tom, who lives in Dunstable, is a technician with Fantastic Fireworks, based at Pepperstock, near Caddington.

And he launched Expendables 3 at the Cannes Film Festival last week by creating the movie’s logo as part of a £100,000 display.

With Hollywood stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson among the audience, the skies over the French Riviera city were rocked by Fantastic Fireworks’ five-minute show.

The display was choreographed to a heavy metal music mix and it ended with the film’s name appearing in a unique fireworks and LED lighting rig manufactured at the Pepperstock factory.

The firm’s managing director, Jon Culverhouse, said: “To ensure its safe arrival in Cannes, the 30ft-long set-piece was broken down and transported in a 4x4. The 700-mile journey took a total of 16 hours. Other members of our crew flew down to set up the fireworks on a 30-metre barge moored in Cannes harbour alongside some of the world’s most expensive yachts.

“As the party was in full swing at the trendy Gotha nightspot on Palm Beach, the barge moored up 200 metres offshore and guests took a break from their Krug and lobster dinner to watch the awesome display.

“Fired by computer, more than half-a-ton of fireworks hit the sky bringing cheers from the celebs.

“Earlier in the day Arnie and co had paraded through the streets of Cannes in a convoy of tanks, bringing the city to a standstill as they promoted the latest in the Expendables superheroe​s franchise.”