Firms to be quizzed over Glebe flytipping

Volunteers have scanned the pitch for broken glass
Volunteers have scanned the pitch for broken glass

Companies which used the services of travellers who dumped 20 lorry loads of refuse on a Toddington field could be in line for prosecution.

Last month a large group of travellers descended on The Glebe for a “huge drinking party”– leaving Toddington Parish Council with an £8,000 cleaning bill.

Central Beds Council has now confirmed that inspectors from its envirocrime unit have been onsite to pick through the evidence, in order to find clues as to where it originated from.

The council’s investigation advanced after rubbish was found to relate back to “several company addresses”, which will now be served notice.

Companies found to have used an individual without a valid waste carriers licence– also failing to check the waste was disposed of correctly– is liable for a duty of care offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

It is hoped that serving notice on relevant companies will also shed light on flytippers who dumped human waste, broken glass and garden waste on The Glebe.

A council spokeswoman told Dunstable Gazette: “Ee will be serving notice on the companies to provide details of their waste disposal routes.

This will establish whether the companies involved have fulfilled their responsibilities in regards to the waste, and if they have, will hopefully lead us to those responsible for the fly-tip so we can look to prosecute.”

Youth football team Toddington Rovers were forced to cancel all of their remaining fixtures at the ground, with smashed glass covering the field.

Volunteers pitched in to perform a sweep of The Glebe, though it is not known whether it is safe to play on.

Club secretary Peter Ward said: “There is a lot of glass hidden under the grass which is more or less impossible to see.

“Alot has been picked up but you do not know what else may be hidden there.

“We are hoping for a hot summer so the grass becomes sparse and it can be seen.

“Our main concern is making it safe, it won’t be used unless we are 100% satisfied.”