Former Bond star Salmon has new role in cult 24 series

Luton's most illustrioust thespian son Colin Salmon
Luton's most illustrioust thespian son Colin Salmon

Luton’s most illustrious thespian Colin Salmon appears in the new cult Sky event series 24.

The former Ashcroft High deputy head boy plays General Coburn in the spin-off from the TV drama starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer.

The new series takes place in London and compresses a whole day into just 12 episodes - although true to form, each instalment is played in real time.

Stephen Fry plays the British prime minister meeting with his American counterpart amid public outcry over a proposed new military vase to deploy drones.

It’s four years since the critically-acclaimed drama was last on our screens. And although it’s won numerous awards, it’s also been criticised for its negative depiction of Muslims and portrayal of torture.

Colin – who’s been in three Bond movies and was much fancied in Strictly – is mesmerising as an intelligent, powerful and fiercely loyal man who does not suffer fools gladly.