Foster a child to change a life

There’s no such thing as a typical foster carer, according to Luton Borough Council.

They come from all walks of life and from different ethnic, culture and religious backgrounds.

They’re also a variety of ages, may own or rent their homes and could be in full time or part-time work, unemployed or retired.

The council’s corporate director for children and learning Fiona McGlone said: “Our foster carers are not super-human and they don’t have to possess any special qualifications or skills.

“They’re simply ordinary people sharing a common passion to provide loving, safe and stable homes for children and young people – and that’s what makes them extraordinary foster carers.

“Their role can be challenging and demanding but at the same time hugely rewarding.

“With your help, a child’s life could be changed forever – and fostering will have a remarkable impact on your life.”
She added: “If you have a spare room in your home, please call our fostering team – it could be the start of something really wonderful.”

The council is supporting the Fostering Network’s Foster Car Fortnight which runs until May 25.

Its campaign theme ‘Guess who fosters?’ aims to dispel the myths about fostering and focus on the skills and experience needed to provide homes for vulnerable children.

The fostering team and a number of foster carers will be at the council’s stand in The Mall (outside Mothercare) today (May 14) from 9am to 5pm.

They will give anyone interested a rundown of what’s needed, including making decisions about the child’s routine care and providing support and guidance regarding their education, health and social wellbeing.

You will also have to attend meetings, keep written records, manage information that is confidential and sensitive and help make plans for the child’s future.

Some children in care are very vulnerable, so prospective foster carers will be given training and support in developing strategies to manage the child’s feelings and actions.

Keeping in touch with their own families is very important to children in foster care so suitable contact is encouraged and promoted.

The council also provides opportunities to learn and develop activities that will enhance your skills as a foster carer.

> For more information visit or call 01582 547569 for a friendly, informal chat.