Fury at invite for a father who died five years ago

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The family of a man who died five years ago, has received a letter from the Luton and Dunstable hospital offering him a position as a public governor.

Abdul Lateef Kadri Sheikh’s car was hit by a fire engine responding to a 999 call on September, 11, 2009, he died 25 days later at the L & D

His daughter, Sadiyah Sheikh received the letter on Monday.

She said: “The Foundation Trust have been writing to him for over five years and on each occasion I contacted them to tell them my father had passed away, and I was told he was taken off their system.

“I have had enough of it now, it is causing a lot of upset in my family. I was a member of the Foundation Trust, but I have lost all faith, too much has happened.

“I think it is disgusting that they are still sending letters to us, after I have told them he has passed away.

“We are trying to repair our lives and get on with some sort of ‘normality’.

A spokesperson for the Luton and Dunstable hospital said: “We offer our sincere apologies to the family of the late Mr Abdul Lateef Sheik if they received any communications from our Foundation Trust Membership department after they informed us that Mr Sheikh had died.

“We understand that it would be very upsetting to receive post addressed to a family member who has died and we would like to reassure our Foundation Trust members that we are investigating how this could have happened.

“We will continue to carry out checks on our membership database and mailing process to do our utmost to ensure that we send the correct information to current members.

“We do rely on members and their families to keep the Foundation Trust membership team informed of any changes. Our members’ list has to be kept entirely separate from any data about patients, so any changes notified to the hospital about patients’ details cannot be passed on.”

Ms Sheikh added: “It has really hurt us and especially me, reading this letter, I feel it is so disrespectful of them to hurt us in such a way.

“Things like this should not happen, he died at the hospital and I have told them he has passed away, so how can mistakes like this keep happening.”