Family left with £30k bill to foot for life-changing operation

Ganaya (pictured with mother Jayshree) is in need of a potentially life-changing operation
Ganaya (pictured with mother Jayshree) is in need of a potentially life-changing operation

A Luton couple face a race against time to raise £30,000 desperately needed to fund potentially life changing surgery for their daughter.

Ganaya Parmar, five, was prematurely born at 32 weeks in 2009 and after five days fell gravely ill with necrotizing enterocolitis and septicemia.

She was forced to undergo three major operations in a year– one of which saw the removal of more than half her small gut.

During that time Ganaya came dangerously close to losing her life through malnutrition, as her gut would not absorb milk.

After beating the odds to make a recovery Ganaya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in February 2011, a further blow to her family.

Mother Jayshree told Luton News: “She is very lucky to be with us right now.

“After her first operation on day 6 we were told that she would not get through the hour because of septicemia.

“We were mainly angry when Ganaya was diagnosed after everything she had been through.”

The condition has meant that Ganaya is unable to walk or stand unaided as it causes severe tightness in her leg muscles.

To help alleviate this she is given exercises each morning and physio twice a week, though her spastic diplegia is a condition which can leave children wheelchair-bound by the time they hit their teens.

The only option is a spinal operation, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which will set Jayshree and father Punit back more than £30,000.

Time is of the essence as Ganaya is still within the peak age to have the surgery and it is hoped it can be carried out in August to prevent extended disruption to school.

After starting fundraising in April the family have close to £8,000 with a number of future events organised.

Jayshree said: “We want our cheery, happy little girl have a life of independence and to enjoy everything a normal five-year-old can”.

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