It’s thumbs up for service

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A Luton project designed to help elderly people coming out of hospital has been cited as a ‘good practice case study’ in Transforming Primary Care, a prestigious Department of Health policy document.

The Meet & Greet service was rolled out by Age Concern Luton in 2011 after being commissioned by Luton Clinical Commissioning Group strategic implementation manager Helen Miller.

Ms Miller said: “I am so proud to share this achievement with Age Concern Luton. It was about really listening to what people needed, trusting partners and showing a common sense approach. This is the new face of commissioning and shows what we can do when we work together’.

Age Concern Luton chief executive Colette McKeaveney said: “Meet & Greet does everything a good, caring family member would do to make an elderly relative comfortable when they get home. This can range from getting shopping, clearing up after an emergency admission or simply being there to support when the tears start.

“It’s making sure they have the best possible practical and emotional help for their recovery. To achieve this our handymen, advice and information and support workers all contribute to making each older person safe at home. “
The service operates 12 hours a day during the week and from 10am to 3pm at weekends.