Luton lifelife for autism carers

A free get-together for families with autistic children is proving a lifeline for many parents.

The monthly meetings are organised by the council’s autism spectrum team and give parents and carers an opportunity to share their experiences.

Teachers, early years advisors and support workers are on hand to offer advice and explain what is available in the town.

Mum Morfydd Price – whose son has been diagnosed with higher functioning autism/Aspergers – said: “I’ve met friends who know and understand how hard it can be to live with a child affected by autism. We laugh and cry together or offer suggestions for alternative coping strategies.

“The team answer questions and give feedback about your child privately if you ask them. They have informative speakers who help us navigate minefields like social services, filling in forms for support or updating us about services and what they can offer.”

> The Families in Lutom Autism Group (FLAG) is meeting this morning (April 30) from 10am to 11.30am at Limbury Fields Community and Children’s Centre in Icknield Way. For details call 01582 548151.