VIDEO: Dame Kelly teaches teens the power of sport to beat blue Monday

No month is harder to stay focused than January and according to professionals today, January 20, is known as blue Monday.

The cold weather and dark nights is not ideal to shake off Christmas excess and for teens the lure of the Xbox after a long day in the classroom seems like the perfect way to let off steam.

Double Olympic champion Kelly Holmes has taken on the challenge of keeping youngsters motivated to stay on track with education during January by helping teens put down the games console and get active.

Around 40 young people aged between 16 and 19 years have joined Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust’s five week program based at Luton Sixth Form College.

Participating students not only have access to a training program and fitness instructor but also advice from top athletes who say the discipline required for top level sport is transferable to achieving life goals at any level.

Lead sports mentor for the program is former international and England basketball player Dru Spinks.

He said “One of the things we’ve noticed already in week two of the programme is that the they are really working together. They feel energised and are making new friends so expanding their social network.”

Sixteen-year-old Brenda Ndwiga is one of the teens in the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust program beating those January blues.

Whilst doing bicycle crunches she said: “Today I had a really long day and after just doing ten minutes of this I am energised like I have just started the morning. Sport really does help.”

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