Into the breach with TADS

Peter Carter-Brown plays Henry V in the TADS production
Peter Carter-Brown plays Henry V in the TADS production

Taking on one of Shakespeare’s most iconic history plays – that epic tale of war, Henry V – is not for the faint-hearted.

For an amateur outfit like Toddington’s TADS Theatre Group, it almost borders on insanity.

But there’s nothing director Sue Sachon enjoys more than testing her abilities to the limit.

She explained: “For a group like ours – tight on budget and small on acting space – the challenges of costumes, weapons and sheer size of cast are immediate hurdles to be overcome, not to mention finding the right actor to take on the mighty role of King Henry.

“For TADS however, getting to the heart of Shakespeare’s famous play is to explore the heroism and anti-heroism of war – a perfect theme for a year in which we celebrate the centenary of World War One.”

TAD’s production will link Shakespeare’s play with that event, while keeping Henry V in its own medieval setting.

Sue added: “To get to grips with Henry V is to tackle those brilliant and inspirational speeches . . . and at the same time explore the darker side of war. Our small theatre is wonderfully intimate and brings the play right into the heart of the audience.

“Directing such a challenging production in our small auditorium has been fascinating.”

TAD’s last Shakespeare production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, won NODA are awards for best play, outstanding technical achievement and best overall production of 2012.

> Henry V will take place at TADS Theatre on June 13, 14, 19, 20 and 21. Book online at or call the Box Office on 07952 6333234.