Is there a brothel on your doorstep?

Police plea for help in New Year purge

Nosy neighbours have been urged by police to back them in a New Year blitz on brothels which are being operated from homes all over Luton.

Officers are making regular checks on saunas and massage parlours to make sure they are not a front for organised vice rings, but also want the public to keep their eyes open for movements at rented flats and other properties they suspect are being used as brothels.

"We would like any information from the public about any brothels set up in Luton so that we can investigate them in order to close them down," said Det Insp Sean O'Neill.

"Quite often with this sort of thing, our resources and the investigation of major incidents prevent us doing a lot, but we still look at them.

"We are aware of 23 residential brothels in Luton, spread across the town. The people who operate them tend to move around. They rent accommodation for three to six months and then move on after complaints are made."

Det Insp O'Neil appealed to anyone who becomes aware of a brothel in their neighbourhood to contact the Luton Police intelligence office on 01582 401212.