July 23, 1914, Luton News

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In our weekly feature into Luton life in the run up to World War One there was still no hint of what was to come.

Festivities were held at Luton Hoo as Mr Harold Wernher reached his majority. His 21st birthday had been in January but celebrations were put on hold for an open air festival at the stately home in July.

A rug alleged to have been stolen from a trap while in the care of a Dunstable innkeeper was the subject of a claim at Luton Couty Court.

Sydney Bates sued William Slater of the Saracens Head for 17s, the cost of the rug. He had paid Slater 3s to look after his horse and trap when the rug went missing. The Judge reserved judgement.

Luton hat trade was suffering from imports a trade report revealed. Luton’s young women were urged not to buy the imports because of jobs fears.

There was an outbreak of scarlet fever in Dunstable schools. Parents were urged not to send their children to school during the ‘peeling stage’. Two afflicted boys had been sent home and their mother reported to the medical officer.