Knife crime documentary gets top awards billing

A convicted murderer was one of a number of interviewees featured in a hard hitting documentary which was acclaimed at a national awards ceremony on Wednesday.

Knife Sentence, put together by a group of 16-25 year-olds on the Luton Prince’s Trust teen programme, delved into the ripple effect caused by knife crime- from immediate victims to the wider implications on the entire community.

The 20 minute documentary featured two stab victims from the town as well as a convicted murderer who served 20 years in jail.

Following its completion it was submitted for the National Crimebeat Awards and the team behind it were honoured for their efforts at a ceremony in London on Wednesday.

The group received a prize for best presentation on the day, while the film came third in its category.

Programme team leader Kayleigh Jean said: “Completing the project has given everyone a lot of confidence, 90 per cent of that group of 16 are now in education, employment or training.

“Once hard copies of the film are on disc it will be shown to teenagers in schools and community groups across the town. The aim is to educate on the grave results of knife crime for everybody.”