Lealands High in global boost for education

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A Luton school has been chosen as part of a major new twinning project to boost global education.

Lealands High has been selected to develop international links with Tanzania in recognition of its commitment to teaching students worldwide issues.

The Sundon Park school will take part in Connecting Classrooms, a government and British Council initiative.

Lealands maths teacher and international co-ordinator Ken Slatter hailed the opportunities provided by the scheme and said: “The potential impact on teaching and learning is enormous for both schools.

“The students have already shown a strong desire to discover more about each other’s environment and culture.”
He added: “Developing curiosity and an enquiring attitude about areas outside Europe will have a positive impact on developing our students as global citizens.”

The programme will enable Mr Slatter to take part in an exchange visit with Mr Edward Ntongi from Sazira Secondary School in Bunda.

They will work on classroom-based projects looking at tourism, local economies and fair trade.

Mr Slatter said they would be able to swap ideas and resources which would then be shared with students and staff.

He said: “The two schools already communicate via letters and emails, giving our students a greater awareness and empathy for children with a very different background, and an insight into their personal and national identities.”