Litte Starz forced to make changes

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Little Starz day nursery has been deemed inadequate by an Ofsted report, released on Tuesday, April 29.

The day nursery, on Prospect way, got the same result in 2013 following an inspection, new owners have taken over the nursery, and believe things are improving.

The Ofsted report stated: “The provision is failing to give children an acceptable standard of early years education and/or is not meeting the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It will be monitored and inspected again within six months of the date of this inspection.”

New owners, All About The Children, have 12 nurseries across England and have invested £45,000 into improving it.

Liz Richardson, director, said: “The nursery is in the progress of changing, we have spent a lot of money on new resources to aid their learning and there are new rooms for the children.

“We have spoken to the parents and they seem very happy with the changes that are being made.

“The name is changing to Prospect House nursery, we want a fresh start, we cannot change what has happened in the past, but the staff have been working really hard with us to change things and I think it is going to have great results.