Champion boxer calls for action over sports plan

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Champion boxer Billy Schwer is backing a new sports development programme coming to the Hightown area if it gets council approval next month.

The former British, Commonwealth and European lightweight champion said: “Coming from Luton I can see a real benefit to the area for a sporting facility as large as this.

“It is a facility which will be there for use by all local residents and also the rest of the Town with visitors being expected to come from out of town for team competitions and to enjoy the facilities.

“Hightown has a real need for an affordable sporting facility where kids can generate their energy into sport rather than crime and this is a fantastic opportunity for them to do just that and also receive mentoring and guidance in terms of focusing their attention for finding employment and working together with each other.

“I plan to be fully involved and active and will be operating from the premises myself.

“I now coach and mentor following my retirement so I am looking at the opportunity to put something back into the community and really help show local kids how to focus.

“The success of the London Olympics in 2012 and the promise of a lasting sporting legacy is everyone’s duty to ensure that future generations can enjoy sport, learn through sport and achieve their goal and potential through sport. We must as a local community ensure that we do not allow younger generations to miss out because of our inability to act immediately on the euphoria connected to the success of the Olympic Games.

And he is calling on Luton Borough Council to approve the plan next month.

“Glasgow is hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014 so there should be a renewed interest again next year which will surely mean that there is another robust effort by local governments to get children and teenagers involved in sport,” he said.




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