Charity hopes to shine a light

LAMP Homeless appeal

LAMP Homeless appeal

A charity is asking people to help light up Luton in support of homeless people in who are not lucky enough to spend Christmas in a warm home.

LAMP, a youth homelessness charity in Luton, is selling one thousand tealights to raise money and spread the message about homelessness.

Each tealight comes wrapped in cellophane with a tag which says: “Please light this candle on Christmas Day to remember homeless people within your own community and throughout the world and the charities and people who light their way.”

LAMP is a small charity which provides accommodation and support to homeless 16- to 25-year-olds in the town.

LAMP’s fundraiser Karen Rabjohn said: “We have this vision that if 1,000 people buy our tealights then they will be alight at different times throughout Christmas Day. We don’t need to see them to know they are out there, lighting the way for the homeless.”

>If you would like to purchase candles or you can take candles to sell on LAMP’s behalf please contact Karen Rabjohn or John Archer on 01582 431744 or email info@lamp.uk.net




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