Oil’s not well for ankle-break MP

Broken ankle to the fore, Luton South MP Kelvin Hopkins

Broken ankle to the fore, Luton South MP Kelvin Hopkins

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Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins was down but not out after slipping on oil and breaking his left ankle on Monday night.

The accident happened on the third floor of the multi-storey car park at Luton station as the Labour MP was returning from Parliament.

“There appeared to be a damp patch on the floor but it turned out to be oil,” he said.

“I heard the bone crack as I went down. It was very painful but I managed to hop to my car, which is automatic.

“I got home and my wife drove me to the Luton&Dunstable Hospital. They were absolutely brilliant.

“I was seen within 10 minutes and they put on a light plaster cast with a gap in the front.”

Mr Hopkins, 72, will have a hard cast on Monday.

He’s battling with being incapacitated.

“Being immobile is very frustrating,” he confessed. “I never usually sit down, I’m always buzzing about.”

And he admitted – in not so many words – that he’s a bad patient.

“I’m much better at looking after people than having them look after me,” he smiled.

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