Long hospital stay awaits but Ava’s mending

Ava survived four heart attacks and 45 minutes of CPR
Ava survived four heart attacks and 45 minutes of CPR

A Caddington schoolgirl who came within seconds of death after suffering four heart attacks is set to continue her recovery at a specialist centre.

Ava Mear, 4, fell ill on January 27 after suffering the most serious form of strep A infection, which within 12 hours almost claimed her life.

After 45 minutes of CPR the Caddington Village School pupil’s pulse returned and she underwent a ‘risky’ procedure which has seen her health improve dramatically.

Ava has since returned home but due to her tracheostomy she has to return to the L&D everyday to be monitored overnight.

The next stage in the four-year-old’s recovery will see her stay at Tadworth Court in Surrey for two months, a specialist centre for children with brain injuries.

It is hoped that during Ava’s stay, which begins in early June, doctors will be able to identify and separate temporary weakness from what could be more permanent brain injury.

Ava’s father Clive told Luton News: “It will be tough but we are looking at what is best in the long term and this is certainly it.

“Doctors will assess her and give daily physio to bring back strength to her limbs and also look at parts of the her brain that are not functioning.”

“Ava is currently having physio two or three times a week to improve balance and coordination of her arms and legs, she will receive more of that in Surrey.”

Mr Mear added that Ava’s return home was a relief.

He said: “It has been wonderful having her back and we get lots of quality time all together in the evenings and at weekends.

“She was able to have a half-day back at school which was lovely and she continues to improve day by day. The support for us continues to be great.”