Luton hotspot for homes at risk

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A homeless charity says people in Luton top the list in the east of England for being at risk of losing their homes.

Every day, 56 households in the East of England are at risk, new analysis from Shelter reveals.

The research is based on data recorded by the Ministry of Justice.

It also identified the latest hotspots across the region where people are most likely to face losing their home, with Peterborough and Luton topping the list.

The housing and homelessness charity is warning that sky high housing costs are pushing more and more families to the brink.

With finances stretched to bursting point, just one thing, such as an illness or job loss, can be all it takes to leave a family facing losing their home.

Shelter is currently struggling to meet demand for its services and is calling for support so that it can help more people stay in their homes. Since 2011, across the country the charity has seen the number of callers struggling with rent arrears more than double, while those calling about mortgage arrears rose by nearly a fifth.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Tragically we are seeing more and more people coming to us for help.

“ We urgently need people’s support so we can help more people in the East of England avoid the nightmare of losing their home.”