Make a splash as a hospice lifeguard

Keech Hospice Care lifeguard volunteer Diane Bell
Keech Hospice Care lifeguard volunteer Diane Bell

If you’re looking to volunteer but fancy doing something a little bit different, why not make a splash as a Keech Hospice Care lifeguard?

The charity is looking for people who’d like to train as well as those who are already qualified.

Luton volunteer Diane Bell, 46, has been a lifeguard for a year.

She said: “The hydrotherapy pool at Keech is the centre of happiness for the whole building.

“Just for a while, it can provide an environment with little or no pain, where patients can float around and let their worries escape.”

She added: “It’s also great to see families in the pool together.

“Most of the children here have very complex conditions but we have the equipment and facilities to accommodate anyone and they can be like a normal family swimming together.

“Many are restricted to their wheelchairs but in the pool they can be cuddled by their family members.

“That’s the best bit – seeing their smiles.”

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