Man tried to sell dog back to her owner

Millie the Staffie safely home with owner Jessie Black
Millie the Staffie safely home with owner Jessie Black

A senior citizen is warning Luton pet owners to be on the look-out after her ‘best friend’ Millie was dognapped last week.

Jessie Black, 70, of Collingdon Street was walking rescued Staffie Millie on Monday (June 2) when she disappeared.

The heartbroken animal lover searched high and low for her canine companion without success.

Jessie said: “I called and called but she never came.

“Then I rang the Icknield Road vet surgery and they said someone had come in to register a dog resembling Millie. When they tried to scan her to see whether she’d been chipped he got panicky and left.

“But someone followed him to an address in Brook Street and I went there with the police. We could hear scratching inside but no-one was at home.”

The surgery later rang Jessie to say the man had been in again and wanted to meet her.

She said: “He told me his name was Thomas and he’d bought the dog from a man. He’d paid £200 because his children had fallen in love with her.

“He asked if there was a reward but I said I wouldn’t pay a penny, I just wanted my dog back home where she belonged. He then rang again and asked me if I’d consider giving him £100.”
Jessie refused and said she’d called the police. Millie was subsequently returned to the vet with ‘Thomas’ ranting on the phone to her elderly owner: “You can have your bloody dog back.”

Jessie is still visibly distressed by her ordeal. “It’s really uspet me,” she said. “I was so worried I haven’t been able to sleep.”

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