Message of hope at Fairtrade School


On a cold, grey and rainy Friday morning at 9am, guests, teachers, pupils and parents gathered together at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Junior School to celebrate an extra special achievement – the launch of Luton’s first Fairtrade School.

Pupils from Year 6 led the event, giving a showstopping performance demonstrating how, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr, “Before you finished your breakfast this morning, you’ll have relied on half the world”.

The children reminded all how supporting Fairtrade is a way to love our neighbour, one of the most important commandments in Christian teaching and for other faiths, too.

St Joseph’s has worked tirelessly to learn about and support Fairtrade, working closely with Fairtrade Luton group.  Pupils have enjoyed a visit from Fairtrade banana producer Tookie from St Vincent, presented Fairtrade at Luton Peace Walk, held Fairtrade tuck shops and information days and engaged with shoppers at the Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Guest left the school with their mornings brightened, inspired by the message of hope through Fairtrade portrayed by the talented pupils.